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Welcome to Yolo Craft, where the vibrant hues of creativity meet the serene shores of Halifax, Canada. At Yolo Craft, we believe in the enchantment of handmade wonders, each color telling a story inspired by the coastal charm that surrounds us. Nestled in this maritime haven, our small shop is a jubilant celebration of creativity, community, and the unique spirit of Halifax.

Order an everlasting bouquet, immune to wilting.

Craft meaningful gifts with your own hands!

Discover unique and adorable stationery supplies!

Explore our exquisite jewelry collection.

5 in stock

Crochet Flower – sunflower tricolor 6 inch


Wool Felting Kit Kapybara


2 in stock

Wool Felting Kit Bunny Girl Wooden Frame


2 in stock

Wool Felting Kit Kitty Girl Wooden Frame


Wool Felting Kit Bunny Series


Wool Felting Kit Bee Dog

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