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Decoden Cream Glue

Craft the Perfect Gift for Friends!
Explore our exciting workshop and discover the magic of Decoden Cream Glue! Join us for a hands-on journey into the world of crafting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, our workshop offers a fantastic opportunity to unleash your creativity and craft beautiful, personalized pieces.
Dive into the world of Decoden Cream Glue with Yolo Craft! Whether you're new to crafting or looking to expand your skills, our workshop is perfect for all levels.
With over 100 charm options to choose from, there's no limit to what you can create with Decoden Cream Glue. Let your imagination run wild as you design and customize your own unique creations.

Some of the items you can create...












Decoden Cream Glue is a unique crafting medium commonly used in the art of decoden, originating from Japan. It’s a special type of adhesive that has a thick, creamy consistency, allowing crafters to create intricate designs and embellishments on various surfaces.

No, we provide all the materials and tools you’ll need for the workshop.

No, there are no restrictions on the number of charms you can use. Feel free to add as many charms as you like to your creation to make it uniquely yours!


 Yes, Decoden Cream Glue is beginner-friendly and easy to work with. Its thick consistency makes it ideal for creating raised designs and attaching various embellishments like charms, beads, and rhinestones.

Typically, Decoden Cream Glue requires a few days to fully dry and set. While it’s possible to take your creations home on the same day, it’s important to handle them with care as they may still be in the drying process. Alternatively, you may choose to leave your creations at the workshop and return to pick them up once they have fully dried. Either way, we advise handling your creations gently to prevent any damage while transporting them.

Decoden Cream Glue is considered safe for crafting purposes. Its main components typically include water-based adhesives and thickeners to achieve its creamy texture. Decoden Cream Glue is generally designed to be non-toxic and suitable for use in craft projects. 

Decoden Cream Glue can be used to decorate a wide range of items, including phone cases, jewelry boxes, photo frames, and more. Its versatility allows crafters to unleash their creativity and customize almost any surface.

To use Decoden Cream Glue, simply squeeze the desired amount onto your chosen surface and use a spatula or piping bag to spread it evenly. Then, decorate with your chosen charms, beads, or other embellishments before allowing it to dry completely.

Yes, Decoden Cream Glue dries clear, leaving behind a glossy finish that enhances the appearance of your creations. It’s important to allow sufficient drying time for the glue to set properly.

 While Decoden Cream Glue is quite durable once dry, it can be removed with the use of solvents such as acetone or nail polish remover. However, exercise caution and test on a small, inconspicuous area first to avoid damaging the underlying surface.

While there are no strict age restrictions for using Decoden Cream Glue, it’s generally recommended for crafters aged 10 and above. Younger children may require more supervision and assistance due to the small decorative items and adhesives involved in decoden crafting. Parents or guardians should assess the individual child’s maturity level and crafting abilities before allowing them to use Decoden Cream Glue independently.

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