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Tufting Workshop

What is tufting

Tufting, an ancient craft with a modern twist, involves using a tufting gun machine to create unique textures on fabric. Artisans thread yarn through fabric with precision, crafting beautiful patterns efficiently.

Unlike traditional rug hooking, tufting with a machine allows for increased productivity and the creation of intricate designs. Join Yolo Craft’s tufting workshops to experience the enchanting world where creativity meets fabric in delightful and efficient ways!

Why people Love Tufting

People are drawn to tufting for its limitless creative possibilities. This versatile craft allows individuals to express their unique artistic visions across various textiles, from rugs to cushions. The satisfaction of hands-on craftsmanship, coupled with the sense of community in tufting workshops, makes this ancient craft a beloved avenue for self-expression and creativity.


People love tufting not only for its boundless creativity but also for its beginner-friendly nature. This craft is easy to pick up, allowing newcomers to quickly grasp the techniques and create stunning pieces. Whether participating in workshops or trying it at home, tufting offers a relaxed and enjoyable creative experience for creators of all skill levels.


Preparation Phrase

Participants have the flexibility to either select a design from our design library or bring their own custom design that they love.

On The Workshop Day

The chosen design is projected onto the canvas to serve as a guide during the workshop.

Participants will begin by drawing the design onto the canvas using markers.

Before starting on the main canvas, participants practice tufting on a practice frame to get comfortable with the technique

With 90 colors to choose from, participants can select the shades they want to use for their tufting project.

Using tufting guns, participants create their tufting masterpiece by inserting the chosen colors into the canvas.

Post-Tufting Completion

Upon completing the tufting, our team will Take over the remaining steps. This typically takes 3-5 days to complete.


No, we provide all the materials and tools you’ll need for the workshop.

Our workshops are designed for everyone! Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, we’ll guide you through the process.

Yes, with proper guidance and the tools we provide, it’s a safe and enjoyable craft.

Absolutely! You’ll leave with your own tufted piece, ready to impress friends and family.

Each tufting workshop appointment is based on one frame, and we welcome up to two people to share this experience. Due to the size limitations of the frame, participants will need to take turns; simultaneous tufting on a single frame is not possible. This ensures each participant has enough space and time to engage with the process and enjoy crafting their tufted art.

Participants should be 12 years or older, primarily for safety and the ability to handle the tools.

The duration of our tufting workshop depends on the frame size you select:

Small Frame (up to 20inch x 20inch): Roughly 3 hours.
Medium Frame (up to 27inch*27inch): Roughly 4 hours, with a second session included if needed.
Large Frame (up to 35inch*35inch): Roughly 5 hours, with a second session included if needed.

If you’re working with a small frame and can’t finish in one session, you can book a second visit for a 10% service fee. For medium and large frames, a second session can be booked at no extra charge to ensure you have ample time to perfect your creation.

Simply click the Book Your Workshop link below and choose the session that fits your schedule.
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