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Chinese Rabbit Wool Felting Kit

Chinese Rabbit Wool Felting Kit


Product Description:
The Chinese Rabbit Wool Felt Kit (Circular Embroidery Series) is a unique and captivating set designed for craft enthusiasts, featuring a circular shape with embroidered details and a delightful Chinese rabbit theme. This kit allows you to immerse yourself in the charm of traditional Chinese culture while creating beautiful wool felt artworks.

Each kit in the Circular Embroidery Series includes the following components:
1. Wool: Premium quality wool in a variety of vibrant colors, carefully selected to complement the Chinese rabbit theme. This wool will help you bring your rabbit designs to life with rich texture and detail.
2. Felting Needles: High-quality felting needles designed specifically for wool felt crafting. These needles are perfect for attaching the wool to the fabric and creating intricate details on your circular wool felt artwork.
3. Felt Base: A specially designed felt base with a diameter of 20cm, providing a sturdy and stable foundation for your wool felt creation. The base is crafted to perfection, ready to showcase your embroidered rabbit designs.
4. Embroidery Hoop and wooden frame: An embroidery hoop is included to assist you in achieving even tension and creating beautifully embroidered rabbit motifs. The hoop helps keep your fabric taut and ensures smooth stitching.
5. Instructional Guide: A comprehensive instructional guidebook with step-by-step instructions, tips, and techniques to help you master the art of Chinese rabbit wool felt embroidery. This guidebook provides inspiration and guidance throughout your creative journey.
6. Guided Instructional Videos: In addition to the instructional guidebook, you will also receive access to a series of guided instructional videos. These videos provide visual demonstrations and detailed explanations of various techniques, allowing you to follow along and enhance your skills in creating the Chinese rabbit wool felt artwork.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chinese rabbit motifs with the Chinese Rabbit Wool Felt Kit (Circular Embroidery Series). Discover the joy of combining wool felting and embroidery techniques to create stunning circular wool felt artworks infused with the essence of Chinese culture.

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